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The Audiology, Speech Therapy and Hearing Aid Center department is lead by competent personnel like M. V. Ramesh since 1980. He has done his M.Sc. (Speech & Hearing) from All India Speech & Hearing Institute, Mysore.

BERA – Audiology Equipment
M.V. Ramesh
M.Sc. (Speech & Hearing), F.A.G.E.,
Audiologist & Speech Therapist

Equipments & Instruments available

  • Alps 2000 AD audiometer

  • Elkon 3N3 Mill audiometer

  • Free field system

  • Impedance audiometer madsen model ZS77 (Canada)

  • BERA Test Facility (Brain stem evoked response audiometry)

  • Two rooms set-up with completely sound proof and air-conditioned.

  • Pure tone audiometry

  • Sound field investigation

  • Paediatric audiometry

  • All kinds of Hearing aid fittings such as – Pocket type, Behind the ear, In the canal, Completely in the canal etc.

  • Linear type and Digital, Automatic

  • Making of Ear moulds

  • Speech Therapy for all kinds of speech and Language problems such as Deaf-mutism, mentally retardation, stuttering, Stammering, misarticularion pronounciation problems, voice problems like hoarseness, harshness, nasality, denasality, puberphonia apahsia, dysarthria etc.